Butch Strickland – Associational Missionary

Summer Ministry Thank You!

on Sep 25, 2014

Dear Missionaries and Association Family,

I want to offer a very special “thank you” to all of those missionaries who have ministered alongside Hatcher Pass Baptist Association during Summer 2014.  A great summer is over and those of us who worked alongside incoming missionaries this summer have finally had a few moments to reflect on the past 100 days.  It was a very “God blessed” season of missions!  Yes, it was also a very busy whirlwind that required a number of trips to and from the airport but many of us did have the opportunity to interface with a lot of very special people, incoming committed mission volunteers who touched a lot of lives in Alaska!  The association, church leaders and I made some new friends and we shared a lot about “PlantLife” and the opportunities and challenges of missions within our association and beyond.  Some of our incoming teams were able to contribute to our “PlantLife” Summer Missions offering and, again, I am deeply grateful.  Some have stated they are planning to return.  We look forward to continued teamwork.

If you live in Alaska and some of our guests have touched your life, I hope you have taken time to thank them personally whether you worked alongside them at JAM Camp, at one of our festivals, at block parties or perhaps they served on one or more occasions at your church.  Contact us if you need addresses!

I deeply appreciate Bob and Jan Hobdy, Joe and Susan Crocker and our six summer missionaries. They certainly impacted Alaskans lives as did each of our incoming teams. The Pioneer Church was certainly blessed with the labor that Joe and Susan provided alongside mission teams.  Not only does the worship center have a new look but nice updates have been made throughout their building. Our Associational Leadership Team and I are amazed at the improvements that were made at the associational storage space, better known as the Quonset hut at First Baptist, Palmer as a result of Bob and Jan’s tireless efforts, with the help of volunteers, to stop all of the leaks and better organize and protect our storage for summer ministries.  One summer missionary has already stated that other students have heard about Alaskan summer missions and are asking about coming next summer.

Hatcher Pass Baptist Association is now planning for next summer!  Our “PlantLife” efforts do require intentional and hardworking incoming missionaries, including mobilized teams, couples and students!  I deeply appreciate your joining with us to “pray for laborers” and “mobilize many.”  Mobilizing simply means volunteers are coming by our invitation and have planned with us or are prepared to work with a church, partnering churches or our association of churches to accomplish coordinated evangelism, ministry and/or church planting efforts. Whether you are in Alaska or the lower 48, thanks so much for helping us to enlist and mobilize teams, couples and students for 2015!  I hope every local church will plan to be involved in planning for, housing and assisting mission teams and missionaries! Let me again urge you to share space with incoming volunteers who may cook and sleep at your facilities but may minister alongside a church plant or two. Our church planters look forward to the ministry of next summer’s volunteers with your teamwork!

Again, thank you for your ministry with us during Summer 2014!!!  Thank you so much for your participation in the “PlantLife” Summer Missions Offering that allows us to upgrade your block party equipment, maintain this ministry and provides logistics, including sleeping cots and funds for JAM Camp and the State Fair ministry. To God be the Glory!

Serving with you,