Butch Strickland – Associational Missionary


Hatcher Pass Baptist Association Alaska Baptist Convention Calendar

March 2019

3-10        Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

12           Sharpen, ALT, Wayland U, Wasilla

15-16     Avalanche ‘19

23           JAM Camp Rally, First Baptist Church, Wasilla

April 2019

4-6          Women on Mission Celebration

9-10        Thrive, Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church

9             HPBA Associational Board Meeting, Evening, Bodenburg Butte,

15           VBS Training in HPBA, Fairview Loop Baptist Church

21           Easter

25-26     Ministers and Spouses Conference

 May 2019

6              ABC Executive Board Committee Meetings

6-7          ABC Executive Board Convenes

9              ABF Trustee Meeting

12           Day of Prayer for Birchwood Behavioral Health

14           Sharpen, ALT, Wayland U, Wasilla

June 2019

3-7          Alaska Native Youth Camp LGYRC

9-10        WMU National Annual Meeting and Pastors Conference,

10-14     Youth Camp, LGYRC

11-12     Southern Baptist Convention,

17-21     Boys Camp LGYRC

24-28     Girls Camp LGYRC

July 2019

4              Wasilla’s Mayor Picnic Ministry

9              HPBA Associational Picnic and Board Meeting

13           JAM Camp Leadership Meeting

14-18     JAM Camp

August 2019

13           Sharpen, ALT, Wayland U, Wasilla

 September 2019

1-8          Valeria Sherard State Mission Emphasis

10           Sharpen, ALT, Wayland U, Wasilla

23           ABC Missions Rally

24           Pastor’s Conference

wMu Annual Meeting

24-25     ABC Annual Meeting,

October 2019

8              Sharpen and HPBA Board Meeting, Wayland

17-18     Thrive

19           HPBA Missions Celebration & Annual Meeting

 November 2019

4              Bible Study Leadership Training, HPBA

4              Baptist Women World Day of Prayer

5              Sharpen, ALT, Wayland U, Wasilla

11           Orientation for new ABC Executive Board Members

11           All ABC Executive Board Committees

11-12     ABC Executive Board Meeting

15           Annual Church Profiles Due

December 2019

1-8          Week of Prayer and Mission Study for International Missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

12           HPBA Pastor /Wife Christmas Banquet