Butch Strickland – Associational Missionary

Alaska State Fair Ministry Report

on Aug 6, 2014

Dear Associational Family and State Fair Volunteers,

I want to offer a special thank you to those who’ve ministered alongside us during the summer and especially those who served in preparation for or during the Alaska State Fair.  Hatcher Pass Baptist Association had a great summer working with incoming missionaries and mission teams but nothing was more rewarding to me than seeing our own people, some churches from Anchorage and incoming mission teams all working together and enthusiastically inviting Alaskans to sign Christmas cards to our troops and enthusiastically handing them the Christmas message.

The numbers are in!  This year we filled 456 second sheets, averaging 35 signatures per sheet, that will be attached to one of our 12 Christmas card sets going to deployed military chaplains who will display them at Christmas time for our troops.  Over 15,000 miniature cards (evangelistic tracts) were distributed to those who entered our booth at the fair.  I appreciate every person who helped us set up and/or take down and those who volunteered their time to minister at the booth or who supported our efforts with prayer!

Again, thank you so very, very much for your service and witness before, during and after the Alaska State Fair!  Thank you for being a part of a significant team effort!  To God be the Glory!!!

Serving with you,


“Christmas Cards for the Troops” 2014

…is an evangelism and ministry effort hosted by the churches of Hatcher Pass Baptist Association during the Alaska State Fair August 21 thru September 2, 2014. Here is an overview of your ministry as an evangelism volunteer. Thanks for your service!

  • This is a mission’s effort. All volunteers are missionaries and are a part of a mission team. As missionaries they are responsible for buying their own fair entrance pass, parking permit and providing their own meals. T-shirts are available for $10.  Thanks so much for your sacrifice and labor of love!
  • Fair attendees will be invited to sign one of the poster-sized Christmas Cards (second sheets) when they pass by the Hatcher Pass Baptist Association’s state fair booth (location C-8). Invite people in! Our goal is to have 1000+ persons per day step into our space, thus this effort should touch at least 12,000 fairgoers plus 1000s of military personnel deployed abroad this coming Christmas. Following the Alaska State Fair our second sheets will be attached to one of the 20” x 30” Christmas cards and will be delivered to military chaplains who will post them in or near their chapel or chow hall in Afghanistan or Iraq over the Christmas holidays, 2014. We have very positive notes from last year’s chaplains!


      1. We would like to have six (6) or more ministry volunteers on the fair grounds at all times with a minimum of four (4) in the booth located at space C-8 on the Green Spur of the fairgrounds. The booth can become very crowded if more than six persons are ministering in the booth at once. With four to six in the booth others can take a break and enjoy some fair food, enjoy the fair and most importantly, invite others to stop by our booth. Word of mouth is the best tool for these roamers. The fair personnel have asked that we not pass out anything outside our booth.
      2. There are two tasks for those in the booth! It is suggested that two booth greeters remain on or close to the ramp leading to the traffic way to invite fair attendees to come in and sign the cards. The state fair board frowns on soliciting while standing on the pavement. Invite people to come inside! We know that a majority of persons will rush by without stopping if we do not invite them in. We also know that a large majority will come in if we invite them and share with them that it is totally free.
      3. Two to four signing assistants will help our guests sign a second sheet and hand out miniature cards to those who do come in! Our guests can use the Sharpies provided and sign their name, or print their name or only place their first name and their town or whatever they like. Yes, some drawing or art work is okay. Brief notes, such as ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘thanks for service to your country’ are great. Get 30 to 50 signatures on a sheet before dating it and taking it to the white storage case especially for signed sheets. Our priority is to see that every signer receives a miniature card with our mission on the back. You may have the opportunity to remind them that a miniature copy of the Christmas card they signed is on the front and our mission is stated on the back of the mini card. The back of the miniature card briefly explains why Jesus came to earth, thus presenting the gospel message and offering seekers the opportunity to receive the counsel of a booth volunteer on site or to call the “Find It Here” toll-free hotline (1-888-JESUS2014) to chat with an evangelist (available 24/7).
      4. Our booth will be decorated for Christmas with appropriate lighting and with poster-quality 20”x30” Christmas cards displayed. We have some Christmas gifts to distribute to persons who ask “who is doing this” or say “thank you for doing this” or simply stop and chat. You will find free give away items on the counseling shelf. You may offer Bibles as a Christmas gift if persons show interest. Most of the supplies to replace items on the Free Items Shelf are found in one of the storage lockers. We hope the items will last through 12 days of the fair so distribute items accordingly.
      5. You can use the EvangeCube as a evangelistic tool. Often we use the acrostic – A.C.R.O.S.S.!
          • Available is an Amazing Gift and all have to choose to Acquire it. All have sinned and are Alienated from God (show silhouette <man surrounded by sin> and light <perfect God>).
          • Christ died to pay for your sin on the Cross (show Christ on the Cross).
          • Real life is Reachable because Jesus Rose from the tomb. If you will Rely on this great sacrifice and Resurrection you can have Real life (show tomb guarded by soldiers). Jesus keeps his promises.
          • His Offer is out of the ordinary. Because He paid for your sin, you can choose His free gift (show Jesus with arms open wide).Step onto the bridge! All you have to do is take the first step and you will receive Salvation. (Show the cross with man at the foot of the cross and heaven at the top). Say the sinner’s prayer of forgiveness and vow that you want Jesus as your Savior. You can use the sinner’s pray on the back of the miniature card The Savior will Securely grant you a life time relationship and a place in heaven. Jesus keeps His promises! (Show hand in hand grasp with heaven above)
          • Now, flip the cube over (show the heart). Review how a person is to come to Christ and share John 3:16.
          • Please, please have new believers fill out the information. We will see that they receive follow-up ASAP from the appropriate church. Place the Decision Card in the pocket inside the door of the cabinet.
  • The diaper changing station is part of our ministry to young families. Help us keep it very neat and extra clean! Will not be advertised in any way unless you hand the note about it to families you spot who have a baby.
    • After each use of the Diaper Changing Station please wipe the area with Clorox Wipes.
    • There are gallon bags for disposing of dirty diapers. Empty the trash as needed. There are plenty of trash Bags!
  • Throughout the fair our volunteers will also minister to and encourage those who are working at the military recruiting booths. Hopefully we can deliver home baked cookies to these recruiters. Hopefully the recruiters will urge fair attendees to go by our booth and sign that day’s Christmas card to our deployed troops.
  • Volunteers are needed to man the booth each day of the Alaska State Fair. Based on our rental agreement with the Alaska State Fair our booth must be open and remain open during the hours of operation: 12 Noon to 10:00 PM Monday through Friday. 10 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday, Labor Day.